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- Art and broken hearts -


There’s an ocean between us.
Not of water, but of fear;
an immensity that neither
of us can imagine diving into.
I see you on your shore
as the tide washes my feet.
All I want is your hand
—a horizon I’ll never reach.

RaeOcean (rae-writes)

It’s 3 AM and I’m extremely numb to everything that’s happened these past few days. I’m shocked that you let me walk away and you didn’t even tell me once that you wanted to work things out, instead you gave up. Just like that. It’s as if you never cared about me, and with the way you acted towards me the last two days before things ended I wouldn’t be surprised if my assumptions were correct. I miss having your shoulder to cry on and I miss everything about us. All the plans we made have turned into empty promises that can no longer be fulfilled. I miss exploring abandoned houses with you and what’s ironic is I feel like I’ve turned into an abandoned house. You just walked out on me, but you left the memories scattered around the floor. On top of it all, my bestfriend is now in the hospital and I feel extremely fucking empty.

If I was placed in the middle of the ocean I feel like I would sink straight to the bottom because my heart feels so damn heavy.